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rih valv
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part of speech: verb
inflections: revolves, revolving, revolved
definition 1: to turn or spin in place.
The baby watched as the spinning top revolved.
rotate, spin
similar words:
pivot, twirl, whirl
definition 2: to move in a circle around a fixed point.
Earth revolves around the Sun.
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pivot, rotate, spin
similar words:
orbit, reel, roll, swivel, twirl, wheel, wind
definition 3: to mainly involve or be concerned with (followed by "around").
Her life revolves around her piano playing.
similar words:
hinge, pivot, turn
derivation: revolvable (adj.)
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The word revolve contains the following parts:
re- Latin prefix that means again; back or back again
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The prefix re- occurs in verbs that are Latin loanwords, where it can mean "again" (revise ) or "back again" (reflect ). It also attaches to English verbs (replay, rewind) with both meanings. Any verb can be prefixed by "re- " to indicate that an action is repeated. No hyphen is necessary unless the word formed is identical to an existing word (re-sign the document, but resign from a job).
volv, volu, volut Latin root that means roll, turn