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cat·a·log (cat·a·logue)

catalog (catalogue)

kae t lag [or] kae t lawg
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an organized list of things such as book titles, goods for sale, or other items. Catalogs usually give a short description of each item on the list.
They ordered a table and chairs from the furniture catalog.We ordered a tent and sleeping bag from the camping goods catalog.
similar words:
directory, index, list, reference, register
definition 2: the book, booklet, or computer file that contains such a list.
We found the title we were looking for in the library's computer catalog.
directory, file, inventory, register
similar words:
booklet, circular, leaflet
derivations: cataloger (cataloguer) (n.), catalogist (cataloguist) (n.)
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  book, film, photography
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The word catalog contains the following parts:
cata- Greek prefix that means down; completely, thoroughly; against; according to
log, logo, -logue Greek root that means word, speech, written work
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See also -logy, -ology, a terminal form of this root.