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kn siv
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part of speech: verb
inflections: conceives, conceiving, conceived
definition 1: to give shape to in the mind.
She conceived a clever story.
fancy, imagine, invent, picture, think, visualize
similar words:
contrive, devise, frame, hatch, lay, plan
definition 2: to be able to think of.
I cannot conceive how our house will look painted purple.
fancy, imagine, picture, visualize
similar words:
believe, think
definition 3: to become pregnant with.
She conceived her second child this year.
similar words:
breed, generate, hatch
definition 4: to form an idea or concept (usually followed by "of").
Can you conceive of a world without computers?
similar words:
create, think
derivation: conceiver (n.)
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  reproduce, think
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The word conceive contains the following parts:
con- Latin prefix that means with, together
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The prefix con- is an assimilated form of com- used before roots beginning with c, d, f, g, j, n, s, t, and v. See com-. Note: con- is frequently an intensive prefix, as in "conceive ."
cap1, cip, capt, cept, -ceive, -ceit Latin root that means to take, catch