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kan shs nihs
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the physical condition of being awake and aware.
Mike lost consciousness after being hit in the head by a rock.
similar words:
feeling, mind
definition 2: all the ideas and feelings of a person or of a group of people.
The desire for freedom is part of our national consciousness.
definition 3: the state of being aware or informed; awareness.
Consciousness of our past mistakes will help us to not repeat them.
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  first aid, mind
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The word consciousness contains the following part:
-ness Old English noun-forming suffix that means state or quality of
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The suffix -ness is attached to adjectives to form nouns. It is fully productive, meaning that any word that combines an adjective and the suffix -ness is an allowable English noun. In a small set of cases, it is attached to a verb (forgiveness) or a noun (witness ).