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kan s kwns
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: that which follows; result.
Her stomach pain was a consequence of eating too much.
effect, outcome, result
similar words:
fallout, note, wake
definition 2: importance or significance.
She asked a question of some consequence.
importance, magnitude, significance, weight
similar words:
account, gravity, import, note
Word Parts  About this feature
The word consequence contains the following parts:
con- Latin prefix that means with, together
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The prefix con- is an assimilated form of com- used before roots beginning with c, d, f, g, j, n, s, t, and v. See com-. Note: con- is frequently an intensive prefix, as in "conceive ."
sequi, secut, seque Latin root that means to follow
-ance, -ence, -ency, -ancy Latin noun-forming suffix that means state, quality, or act of
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The suffix group -ance , -ence , -ency , -ancy attaches to verbs and Latin verb stems to create nouns. The suffix -ance is usually attached to whole English words, whereas -ence is usually attached to roots: compare eloquence and acceptance . For most nouns ending in -ance , -ence , -ency , -ancy , there is a correponsponding adjective form ending in -ant, -ent.