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ku a p reIt
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part of speech: verb
inflections: cooperates, cooperating, cooperated
definition: to work with others.
The two writers cooperated on the history book.
chip in, collaborate, pitch in, team up, unite
similar words:
conspire, contribute, coordinate, join in, pull one's weight
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The word cooperate contains the following parts:
co- Latin prefix that means with, together
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The prefix co- is a reduced form of com- often used before roots beginning with vowels, such as "ax" and "ev." It is also used with existing English words to indicate a role of fellowship (coworker) or that something is done together (cowrite) See com-.
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oper Latin root that means to work
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-ate1 Latin verb-forming suffix that means to make, cause, do
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The suffix -ate primarily forms transitive verbs from Latin bases. Many -ate verbs were loanwords from Latin. Verbs ending in -ate combine with the suffix -ion to form nouns ending in -ation. These verbs also have corresponding agent nouns ending in -ator (navigator, dictator, elevator).