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meticulous very careful or precise.
metre a spelling of meter1 (unit of measure) and meter2 (musical time) used in Canada and Britain. See meter for more information.
metric1 having to do with the metric or international system of measurement.
metric system a system of weights and measures that is based on the number ten.
metric ton a unit of weight equal to one thousand kilograms.
metronome a device that marks a regular period of time with a clicking sound. A metronome can be set at different speeds and is used by musicians to keep time during practice.
metropolis a large city.
metropolitan having to do with a large city and the communities around it.
mew1 a small cry made by a cat. [2 definitions]
Mexican of or having to do with Mexico or its people. [2 definitions]
Mexico a country in North America south of the United States. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.
Mexico City the capital city of Mexico.
Mg symbol of the chemical element magnesium.
mg an abbreviation for milligram, or milligrams.
MI an abbreviation for Michigan.
mi the syllable that indicates the third tone of a musical scale.
mi. an abbreviation for mile, or miles.
MIA an abbreviation for "missing in action," used to describe members of the armed forces who became missing during a war.
mice plural of mouse.
Michigan a state of the north central United States. Its capital is Lansing. (abbreviated: MI) [2 definitions]
microbe a life form that can only be seen with a microscope. Many microbes are germs that cause disease.