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acoustic having to do with sound or hearing. [1/2 definitions]
audio- a prefix that means "sound" or "hearing."
auditory having to do with or referring to hearing or the sense of hearing.
ear1 the organ of hearing in people and some other animals. [2/3 definitions]
eloquent using words well, in a way that others enjoy hearing or reading.
hearing aid a small electronic device that makes sound louder and is worn to make poor hearing better.
illusion a state of seeing, hearing, or otherwise sensing things in a false way. [1/2 definitions]
lip-read to understand by looking at a speaker's lips instead of by hearing the words.
record to copy by use of a mechanical or electronic device for later hearing or viewing. [1/6 definitions]
sense any of five ways to understand or experience one's surroundings. The senses are touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. [1/9 definitions]
trial the act of hearing a case in court to decide whether or not a person has broken a particular law. [1/5 definitions]
tuning fork a small metal device that produces a tone in perfect pitch when it is struck against something. Tuning forks are often used to tune musical instruments or test hearing.