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amnesia partial or complete loss of memory as a result of an injury to the brain, illness, or shock.
brain the organ inside the skull of humans and animals. The brain is the main part of the central nervous system. It controls the body's movements and activities, and is the center of thought, memory, and feelings. [1/2 definitions]
by heart by memory.
commemorate to honor the memory of.
faculty one of the abilities of the human mind. Memory, reasoning, and perception are all faculties. [1/3 definitions]
haunt to come very often to the mind or memory of. [1/3 definitions]
headstone a stone set at the head of a person's grave; tombstone. Headstones honor that person's memory and usually have writing carved into them.
immortal lasting forever in memory or in fame. [1/2 definitions]
imprint to fix firmly in the mind, memory, or feelings. [1/4 definitions]
live1 to continue to be in existence or be present to the memory. [1/4 definitions]
memorize to learn completely so as to hold in the memory.
mind memory or awareness. [1/6 definitions]
monument something built in memory of a person, event, or special deed. [1/2 definitions]
RAM the information a computer stores for a short time and can recall quickly. RAM stands for "random access memory."
rattle off to list or recite quickly from memory.
recite to speak the words of from memory and in front of others. [1/2 definitions]
recollect to bring back from memory; remember; recall.
refresh to bring back knowledge or memory to. [1/2 definitions]
remember to bring back into the mind from memory; recall. [2/4 definitions]
ROM computer memory that can only be read, not written to. ROM stands for "read-only memory."
shrine any place or object devoted to the honor and memory of some important person or event in history. [1/2 definitions]