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carry on to continue to do or go on as before. [1/2 definitions]
chase1 to force to go in a certain direction; drive away. [1/3 definitions]
click in computing, to press and let go of the button on a mouse in order to carry out an action on the screen, such as moving the cursor or opening a program (often followed by "on"). [1/7 definitions]
climb to move upward; go towards the top; rise. [2/5 definitions]
complement to go well with, complete, or perfect. [1/2 definitions]
continue to go on with; persist in. [1/4 definitions]
counter3 to go against; oppose. [1/2 definitions]
couple two things of the same kind or that go together in some way. [1/4 definitions]
cut to go across or through something (usually followed by "through" or "across"). [1/12 definitions]
depart to leave; go away.
direction (usually plural) information on which way to go or how to do something. [1/4 definitions]
dismiss to send away or allow to go away. [1/3 definitions]
drag to go or pass slowly. [1/5 definitions]
elapse to go or slip by; pass or come to an end.
elastic a fabric that can be stretched but will go back to its original shape. [1/2 definitions]
endurance the ability to go on under pain or hardship.
enter to come or go in. [2/7 definitions]
eternal seeming to have no end or to go on forever. [1/2 definitions]
exceed to go beyond or do more than. [1/2 definitions]
excuse to let go from duty or obligation. [1/5 definitions]
exit to go out; leave. [1/3 definitions]