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Word part Type Origin Definition
verd root Latin green
vers, vert root Latin to turn; to be occupied with
vest root Latin clothe; clothing
via root Latin way
vic root Latin in place of
vid, vis, -vise root Latin see
vin, vini, vint root Latin wine
vinc, vict, vanq root Latin conquer
vir root Latin man
viv, vivi, vit root Latin life, living, live
voc, -voke root Latin voice, to call
void root Latin empty
vol root Latin wish, intention, will
volv, volu, volut root Latin roll, turn
vor root Latin to eat
with- prefix Old English back, away
xanth, xantho root Greek yellow
xen, xeno root Greek foreign
xer, xero, xeri root Greek dry
-y2 noun-forming suffix Latin and Greek state, quality, act, or practice of
-y1, -ey adjective-forming suffix Old English characterized by; full of; tending to