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Word part Type Origin Definition
dactyl root Greek finger
de- prefix Latin from; away from; down from; reverse, negate.
deb root Latin owe
deca, dec, deci, deka root Greek ten, tenth
dei, div root Latin god
dem, demo root Greek people, populace
dendr, dendro, dendri, -dendron root Greek tree
dent, denti root Latin tooth, teeth
derm, derma, dermat, dermato root Greek skin
dextr, dextro root Latin on the righthand side; skilful
di-3 prefix Latin not, apart, reverse, negate
di-2, diplo- prefix Greek two, double
di, diurn, journ root Latin day
dia-, di-1 prefix Greek across, apart, through, throughout
dic, dict root Latin speak, declare
dif- prefix Latin not, apart, reverse, negate
dign root Latin worthy
dis- prefix Latin not; apart; reverse, negate
divid, divis root Latin divide
doc, doct root Latin teach
dodeca root Greek twelve, twelfth