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Word part Type Origin Definition
i- prefix Latin not, without
iatr, iatri, iatro, -iatry root Greek medical care, healing
-ic adjective-forming suffix Latin and Greek like, pertaining to
-ice noun-forming suffix French state, condition, or quality.
-ician noun-forming suffix Latin practictioner of or expert in
icon, icono root Greek image
-ics noun-forming suffix Greek science, study, or practice of; properties of; practices pertaining to
-id adjective-forming suffix Latin having the quality of
idio root Greek particular or personal to; distinct
-iferous adjective-forming suffix Latin producing, bearing, carrying
ig- prefix Latin not, without
il-1 prefix Latin in, into, on
il-2 prefix Latin not, without
-ile, -il adjective-forming suffix Latin capable of being or undergoing; pertaining to
im-1 prefix Latin in, into, on
im-2 prefix Latin not, without
imag root Latin likeness
in-1 prefix Latin in, into, on
in-2 prefix Latin not, without
infra- prefix Latin above, over
init root Latin beginning