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Word part Type Origin Definition
e- prefix Latin out, out of, away
ec, ect, ecto root Greek out, outside
eco root Greek habitat, environment
-ee noun-forming suffix Latin person who undergoes or receives
-eer noun-forming suffix Latin one who does or is related to
ef- prefix Latin out, out of, away
ego root Latin I, self
electr root Greek electric
-en1 verb-forming suffix Old English to cause to be or become or have
-en2 adjective-forming suffix Old English made of
en-1, em-1 prefix Latin to put into; cause to be or have
en-2, em-2 prefix Greek in, into, inside
endo- prefix Greek inside
ennea root Greek nine
ent, sent2 root Latin thing; be
entero root Greek intestine
epi-, eph-, ep- prefix Greek on, upon, over; beyond, after, outside
equ, equi root Latin equal
-er, -or, -ar2 noun-forming suffix Latin a person or thing that does
erg, ergo, urg root Greek work
err root Latin error, wander