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a·ne·mi·a [or] a·nae·mi·a

anemia [or] anaemia

ni mi
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part of speech: noun
definition: a medical condition caused by having too few red blood cells or red blood cells that are not working properly. People with anemia may be pale, feel weak, and have difficulty breathing.
The doctor suspected anemia when the teenager said she'd been feeling very tired.
derivations: anemic (adj.), anemically (adv.)
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  blood, breathe, respiration
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The word anemia contains the following parts:
a-1, an-1 Greek prefix that means not, without
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Words prefixed with a-1, an-1 are nouns and adjectives. Some are loanwords from Greek (amorphous, atrophy). Others are English formations, which may attach the prefix to English words of Latin origin (asocial, amoral) or Greek origin (apolitical). The form a-1 is used before bases beginning with a consonant, while an-1 is used before bases beginning with a vowel.
hem, hemo, hemat, hemato, hema, -emia, -aemia Greek root that means blood; blood condition
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